Yoga for pregnant women

Pregnancy makes many women think about whether or not to radically change their way of life, to give up certain activities or, on the contrary, begin to carry out any exercise.

And proposals on how to strengthen their muscles and prepare for childbirth, is now a great variety. And yoga for pregnant women becomes more and more popular.

Should I start or continue to do it during pregnancy? What is the use and possible harm of yoga? Can I practice it throughout my pregnancy or should I take breaks?

Yoga for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester usually brings the greatest pleasure, as the condition of the woman stabilizes in this period, intimidation of doctors about the threat of miscarriage leaves and the complex of exercises is somewhat expanded.

Even more important is the mastery of the skill of controlling breathing, strengthening the muscles of the back and abdomen, removing the load from the spine, preventing varicose veins.

A lot of asanas in yoga will help to cope with these tasks.

Relief from heartburn is promoted by exercises, which are performed from the sitting position with an open chest.

And in the second trimester, caution is paramount! You can not hold your breath for a long time, practice asanas in the position of lying on your stomach, twisting, squeezing the lower abdomen.

Although doing exercises becomes more difficult everyday, continuing training is still worth it. After all, yoga for pregnant women in the 3rd trimester is a good opportunity to prepare for childbirth both physically and psychologically.

During this period, the advantage should be given to the postures, which bear the least strain on the spine and legs. So do not perform asanas standing or lying on your back.

It is important to create the most safe conditions for yourself and your baby while practicing yoga.

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