When does the period begin after the birth?

Now you are no longer a future mother, but the most that neither is a real young mother. Your world turned upside down. You will not soon get used to a new way of life. Until you even fully realize that your life does not belong to you anymore. You may not even care when the monthly starts after birth, how quickly to get in shape when you can go back to work. You are worried about very different things.

Now for you, the main thing is a harmonious development of your baby. The breeding of the smallest member of the family throws all the reserves of your body and the organisms of your loved ones. This is the most common mistake of women after childbirth. Do not forget about yourself! After all, you did not cease to exist as a person, just in your life, there was one small creature that corrected your regime and your plans. Some women are so enthusiastic about the very beginning of motherhood that they have a desire to immediately have a second child. But in order to bring the plan to improve the demographic situation in the country into action, a woman should know when her body will again be ready to reproduce the offspring.

Doctors say that the first menstruation should occur no earlier than 6 weeks after childbirth. If a woman is breastfeeding, then this period is significantly increased. It’s all about the magic hormone prolactin, which affects lactation. The longer and more intensively a woman will breastfeed a child, the later her body will signal a readiness to conceive a new life. If he introduces a child for lactation at 5 or 6 months, then at about this time, the menstrual cycle should be restored to the mother. If a woman has decided to breastfeed her child until the milk runs out, then she will not use personal hygiene products for women for about a year.

The absence of excretions does not mean that a woman can not become pregnant during this period. It turns out that if there was unprotected sex in 2 weeks, following after ovulation, then you can prepare for the next birth. However, doctors still say that such cases occur very rarely. After all, there is even such a thing as “lactational amenorrhea method”. Its essence lies in the fact that with a certain mode of feeding a child, a woman has minimal chances of becoming pregnant after unprotected sex. To do this, it is necessary to feed the baby in the day at least every 3-4 hours, and at night the intervals between meals by the baby should not exceed 6 hours. In addition, this method works only 4 months after childbirth.

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