What you can eat after giving birth?

The leading pregnancy obstetrician-gynecologist recommends that a woman in the period of bearing a fetus consume only natural (fresh) foods with an impressive amount of vitamins and microelements. The future mother is advised to refrain from fried, salty, spicy food, do not abuse bakery products and sweets. Is it necessary to adhere to these recommendations after the appearance of the baby? What can you eat after the birth in the first days and during the period of breastfeeding?

Permitted products after natural delivery

A newly mum needs to remember one important rule everything that she eats, gets into the body of a child with her breast milk. Therefore it is worthwhile to organize your food after delivery so that the stomach of the baby, unusual to work in the new regime, it was easy to digest food. Mom is not recommended to eat foods that can cause food allergies, frustration and other stool disorders.

These recommendations apply to the entire breastfeeding period of the child, but are not suitable for the postpartum period. The organization of a woman’s nutrition after childbirth for the next 3 days of the week depends on how the delivery was performed.

Portion should be small. This principle of nutrition delays the stool and avoids divergent seams. After a 5-day period, when the stitches are tightened, the mother should start fully and nutritionally.

Making up your menu and asking questions about what you can eat after the birth in the first days and weeks, it is worth remembering that all food should be freshly prepared, natural and nutritious. The main task of the mother during this period is to strengthen the health of the baby, to help his immunity to grow stronger, so that the child’s organism can resist illnesses and develop fully. This is possible only if the baby will eat healthy and nutritious food.

After surgery, the body of the newly-mum needs a certain period of time to recover. At this point, the woman needs to normalize the work of the digestive tract, so it is very important to know beforehand what you can eat after the birth in the first days after cesarean section, strictly adhere to the recommendations.

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