What is Infertility?

Obtaining children experiences many of course. But it’s not everyone who can have children. Both physiological and psychological barriers can result in involuntary childlessness.

Not being able to get a child you want to awaken strong feelings, many feel powerless, sad and angry. But there is help getting, the most important thing is to start an investigation and treatment and then review what options are available.

An involuntary childlessness is investigated by a gynecologist in open-minded care, who can then refer for further infertility investigation. The sperm quality of the man is investigated and the female is examined for ovary and ovulation function. If the sperm quality is suspected of being the problem, the man is referred to an andrological center for more investigations. If the ovulation and/or ovarian function of the woman does not work satisfactorily, test tube fertilization (IVF) may be an alternative. An investigation may sometimes go out on time, here you as a patient have the right to make demands. An infertility investigation should not take more than half a year.

Depending on what the childlessness is due to, treatment depends on the cause. Generally, three types of treatments are most common.

Stimulation of the ovaries (called ovulation stimulation) through hormones. This treatment is performed mainly when the woman does not have regular ovulation. By taking hormones, the growth of ovarian ovary is stimulated.

Insemination (with the partner’s sperm or with the sperm from the donor). Infertility can sometimes be due to the man’s sperm can not get through the vagina secretion. This treatment method involves artificial transmission of the sperms, so that they can better achieve their goals.

Proof fertilization (IVF, In Vitro Fertilization) can be reviewed if the woman is not over 38 years old and the man has not reached the age of 55 years. You may not have had a previous biological child. IVF is carried out after the woman has undergone hormone treatment, after which several of her eggs are fertilized by the man’s sperm (either partner or donor) in a test tube. Then one or more eggs are brought back into the uterus.

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