What is hypnobirthing?

Today, many women associate childbirth with pain and fear. With the increasingly popular hypnobirthing method, instead, you use positive thoughts and deep relaxation to take control of your childbirth so it becomes less painful. We have looked a little closer to what hypnobirthing really means.

In general, hypnobirthing deals with how to prepare yourself mentally for childbirth using positive thoughts and deep relaxation. It is simply a tool for relaxation, security and self-esteem before and during childbirth. The method is based on the idea that women have children in all ages and that the body knows what to do. That you as pregnant should rely on your natural instincts and your own inner power.

Does really hypnobirthing work?

We often associate childbirth with pain and fear, which causes the body to transmit stress hormones. If you instead manage to relax, your body sends out your own lucky hormone endorphins, a natural pain reliever that makes your childbirth less painful.

The purpose of hypnobirthing is:

  • To strengthen yourself mentally by turning negative thoughts about childbirth to positive
  • To provide you and your partner with tools like
  • Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques
  • To contribute to a less painful delivery without medical pain relief
  • To reduce stress, fear and worry both before, during and after childbirth

Basic hypnobirthing is to change the attitude of how we think and talk about giving birth to children. If you think that childbirth will be a single painful journey, it probably will be. But if you try to see it as if your body is ready, strong and know what to do, then the likelihood of a more comfortable delivery will probably be higher.

Hypnobirthing teaches to disconnect external factors so that the body in peace and quiet can do their job.

Hypnobirthing is not a method that in any way replaces the important information and nursing a midwife or hospital provides, but it may be a complement during pregnancy and childbirth.

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