Ways to put the baby to sleep

Young parents invariably face the problem of putting the child to bed, trying various methods and resorting to unusual ways of organizing children’s recreation. Often, the current situation is due to the incorrect construction of the preparation of the baby for bed.

Careful moms and dads do not take into account the individual characteristics of the offspring, forgetting about creating comfortable conditions. The rational decision of the parents is to track the biological rhythm of young non-sitting. However, such a process is full of nuances and subtleties, which adults are advised to familiarize with in advance.

To answer the question of how to put a child to bed, it is important to study such subjects in a comprehensive manner. The problem is common, which means that young parents have the opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes, preventing their own. Initially, it is recommended that the baby be properly prepared for bed, adhering to the following tips:

In the organization of children’s recreation, it is important to take into account the age of the baby in order to correctly calculate the time needed for a full and healthy sleep.

Watch the baby determine when the offspring will be tired and want to sleep. Sleepy baby begins to rub eyes, yawns, fits and does not obey. In the presence of such signs try to put the young needspeed.

It is recommended to bathe the children before going to bed in relaxing baths, carrying out massage (lulling) movements pleasant to the touch with a sponge.

Determine in advance the position in which you plan to put the child. In the choice be guided by the preferences of the baby and the pediatrician’s recommendations, preventing the appearance of the offspring of postural deformities, bedsores, and sweating.

Aromatherapy with lavender oil, melissa ether, sandalwood extract, and nutmeg is another effective way to put the baby.

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