Vitamins for Pregnant Women

The question of the need for vitamins during pregnancy is of great importance, and at the same time, there is still no definitive answer to it in the world. This is due to the fact that pregnancy is a physiological condition that occurs according to some general, defined rules, but with the indispensable characteristics inherent in every future mother and determined by the individual qualities, both women and the father of the unborn child.

In addition to the individual biological, psychological and physical characteristics of the pregnant woman and the child’s father, the course and outcome of pregnancy are affected by many factors, among which nutrition is most significant and drinking. After all, it is nutrition that ensures the intake of all necessary vitamins, minerals, trace elements and energy substances into the body of a woman. And, consequently, the answer to the question of the necessity of using vitamins during pregnancy largely depends on the type of nutrition of the woman bearing the baby.

Do you need vitamins for pregnant women?

As can be seen from the reports and recommendations of the World Health Organization, based on the results of the studies, vitamins are both needed and not needed by pregnant women, depending on the type of their diet.

The only really necessary vitamin and mineral for all pregnant women without exception are folic acid (vitamin Bc ) and iron. Folic acid should be taken to all pregnant women at least until the 12th week of gestation at 400 mcg per day. And vitamin B with you can begin to take and before the onset of pregnancy, at the stage of its planning. All the rest of the vitamins of a pregnant woman, fully nourished, are not needed. If a woman does not eat fully, then in addition to folic acid, she needs all the other vitamins that must be taken throughout the pregnancy courses.

To answer the question of whether pregnant women need vitamins, it is recommended to remember a number of factors. First, regardless of the nutrition of the pregnant woman, the fetus will take all that is necessary for its development, literally “sucking” out of all tissues and organs of the body. Moreover, the fruit will take the necessary vitamins, microelements, and nutrients from the tissues of the pregnant woman, and not from the incoming food, as it was foreseen by Nature.

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