Urinalysis during pregnancy

The analysis of urine during pregnancy is given by absolutely all women who registered with a gynecologist. And surrenders regularly, usually 1 time in 2 weeks, on the eve of the planned visit to the doctor. The fact is that poor urine tests during pregnancy can testify even to the threat of life, not only to the child but also to the mother herself. So, do not ignore the direction of the doctor for the delivery of tests, and the analysis itself to take all the rules to get reliable health data.

At the earliest possible time, the urinalysis will show pregnancy (hCG), early toxicosis, and in the late-term a very dangerous complication of nephropathy (gestosis). What should alert the form of the result of this mini-survey? When the urinalysis is analyzed during pregnancy, the norm of leukocytes, protein, bacteria and other components play a big role.

1. Protein. When a protein appears in the urine, this condition is called proteinuria. If the protein in the urine is more than 300 mg (in the daily analysis) this indicates a pathology, even if there are no other symptoms. In this case, antibiotics are usually treated in a hospital setting. For the state of health, women are immediately watched by 2 doctors a gynecologist and urologist. Since these tests during pregnancy show the state of the urinary system, which is assigned to increased loads. If swelling in the urine is accompanied by swelling, weight gain is very high, blood pressure is increased this is a symptom of nephropathy. Gestosis is usually diagnosed after 32 weeks of pregnancy.

2. Leukocytes, bacteria, pus, phosphates, etc. If they are detected as a result of the analysis, then it can speak of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, for example, about pyelonephritis.

3. Ketone bodies. When they are present, urine acquires a sharp odor of acetone. This pathology may indicate dehydration, which to some extent occurs in women in the early stages of pregnancy due to toxicosis, namely frequent vomiting and an insufficient amount of fluid used.

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