Ureaplasmosis in pregnant women

Ureaplasmosis is a diagnosis that puts a lot of women. Such a diagnosis can be heard before and during pregnancy. Is this a dangerous disease? Till now in the world, there are different opinions. But everyone needs to know about this disease.

What is ureplasmosis?

Ureaplasmosis is an infectious disease that causes the bacterium ureaplasma. For quite a long time this disease doctors attributed to the category of sexual infections. But in 1998, an international classification of diseases in our country was introduced, according to which ureaplasmosis was removed from the list of diseases that are sexually transmitted and listed as diseases of the genitourinary tract. Because ureaplasma lives in the vagina of about 70% of the female population of the Earth. And if the immune system of a woman functions normally, bacteria does not make itself felt, but when immunity fails, they start actively multiplying, which leads to the development of the disease.

A woman may not have any signs of illness, but if the ureaplasma bacteria live in the secretion of the vagina, she is the carrier of the infection, and, accordingly, her distributor.

In fact, Ureaplasma urealyticum (Latin name of a bacterium) is a pathogenic microorganism, the amount of which can decrease and increase. So if you have it identified, it does not mean that you are sick.

Today most women before conception are trying to undergo a full medical examination. If a pathogenic microorganism is detected in the vagina, they have a logical question: Can I become pregnant? In fact, ureaplasma does not interfere with conception, but it is a threat to the baby. Therefore, it is better to cure ureaplasmosis before pregnancy, when doctors will have a wider range of medicines at their disposal. After all, during pregnancy, not all drugs can be used.

Perhaps, the treatment will require you to postpone conception for a while, but you will protect yourself against possible risks.

This disease is transmitted only when sexual intercourse, including oral sex. In the latter case, the mucous membranes of the mouth and larynx are affected. The ureplasmosis is not transmitted by the household way. In addition, during childbirth from the mother with a ureaplasma can catch a baby. That’s why the doctors of our clinic recommend in case of need to undergo treatment before pregnancy.

Ureaplasma is localized mainly in the vagina, but it is possible to spread bacteria to the bladder, the uterus and beyond. Such a deep infection very often occurs precisely in the process of giving birth. The incubation period is one month.

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