Unplanned pregnant

You may become pregnant during your very first intercourse, if your contraceptives fail, for example if the condom breaks or if you forget to take birth control pills.

To get on if you are pregnant you can take a urine sample and have this checked. If the test shows positive results, you are pregnant. This test can be done immediately after your absence has elapsed. You can buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy, at the press office and in many other shops and investigate yourself if you are pregnant. You can also leave a urine sample at the pharmacy, youth reception or maternity center and ask for help.

If you still suspect that you are pregnant despite a negative test, consult your doctor or midwife 14 days after taking the test to get a clear message. You may be pregnant even if you have menstrual bleeding. If you have reason to suspect that you are pregnant, you should do pregnancy tests even if you had bleeding.

If you have a partner, it’s a matter of course that you discuss it together. Pregnancy is something you both are responsible for. & Nbsp & nbspWe think you might be good if you talk to another person about your thoughts and feelings. It may be a close friend or friend, a family member with whom you have great faith mother or father a curator at the maternity care center, the youth reception, the women’s clinic or your GP.

In an unplanned pregnancy, contradictory thoughts and feelings will make it difficult for you to get an overview and distance to the situation. It’s not just about whether you want to carry out the pregnancy or not, but also to a great extent how your practical, social and economic situation is suitable for continued pregnancy. The abortion clinics of women clinics have curators who are especially used to helping to alleviate the situation. This can be done even if you do not decide if you want abortion or give birth to the baby.

If you decide to abort, contact the nearest abortion clinic. Abortion is less difficult the earlier you do it. You can regret yourself at any time before the actual abortion.

If you choose to complete the pregnancy and give birth to the child, contact the nearest maternity care center for examination.

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