Ultrasound examination of pregnant women

American monitoring authorities and independent experts are concerned about the growing number of women who during pregnancy visit centers where they are made an ultrasound portrait of the child. In typical cases of uncomplicated pregnancy American women have prescribed only one ultrasound, so that they find time to look at the face of the baby more often for their own money.

One example of such companies is Fetal Fotos, based in Salt Lake City. Their services, depending on the resolution of the image and the method of its preservation, cost $ 60-120. Some go there repeatedly, and from the lack of clients, the center does not suffer. According to the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, there can be several thousand such companies in the US.

Some experts fear that frequent ultrasound can be dangerous. Although there is no documentary evidence of this fact, they indicate that high-intensity ultrasound is used even for crushing stones. In addition, regular ultrasound can inspire future parents with false confidence in the safety of the child, although such companies are not monitored for medical aspects.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which manages medical equipment, does not recommend women to undergo such a “gift ultrasound”. This practice experts FDA named not endorsed using a medical device. They sent out warnings in a number of centers, but so far none of them have been closed.

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