Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Any obstetrician will tell you how much useful and sometimes vital information can be obtained with ultrasound ( ultrasound ). Before the medicine began to use this diagnostic method, the size of the fetus remained a mystery, it was also impossible to detect genetic abnormalities, to monitor the placenta. In rare cases, x-rays were used to determine genetic anomalies. But X-rays are extremely unfavorable for fetal development. Therefore this method applied to emergency ones. Thus, ultrasound produced a revolution in obstetrics.

Some future mothers doubt the need to visit ultrasound. To this, any gynecologist will say that even with outwardly favorable pregnancy, it is impossible to determine, for example, genetic deformities, placenta aging and many other anomalies that can cause fetal death or the birth of a sick baby.

How many times can you make ultrasound during pregnancy?

All indications for ultrasound examination are divided into screening and selective.

A screening ultrasound is performed by all pregnant women on time. They are aimed at detecting developmental defects. Such studies give information about the size of the fetus, their compliance with the norms of development, as well as the condition of the placenta and uterus. Screening examinations are usually 3 to 4.

Selective examinations are prescribed if the pregnancy passes with complications or the doctor has doubts about the normal development of the fetus. Due to the fact that such examinations are appointed in connection with a disease or pathology, their number may vary depending on the condition. In special cases, ultrasound is done even twice a week.

Ultrasound 3d and 4d

If the majority of devices working in polyclinics 2d show a black and white flat image, then the 3d device makes it possible to see the baby in volume. Such a device shows a clearer picture that gives parents the opportunity to independently determine whether they expect a son or daughter. It turns out something like a holographic photograph.

The device for volumetric ultrasound examination does not differ in appearance from their predecessors. The ultrasound frequency is similar to 2d analogs. Thus, the procedure is not more dangerous than conventional research.

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