Travel during pregnancy

Travel, museums, picnics, new cities… So many interesting things! And pregnancy is not an excuse to give up all this!

Power is very important. Take time to plan what you will eat on the road, to provide the baby all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Stock up with various snacks in case of sudden bouts of hunger. It will be appropriate to bring along nuts, dried fruit, crackers or fat-free curd. Be sure to take with you bottled water and drink it more often during the flight, especially during long flights.

If you are traveling to an unfamiliar country, be careful and careful with local food. Avoid unfamiliar products, they can cause irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa and banal allergies. Always carry snacks and water. If you often have attacks of toxicosis, try to eat more often and in small portions.

If you travel by car, pack a first aid kit with you and stop often for a rest. It is important to leave the car more often and stretch your legs, otherwise you may have cramps due to an uncomfortable position. Take a special pillow for your neck.

Traveling in an airplane, you may experience discomfort from public toilets, so always carry wet wipes with you and ask the stewardess for an extra package. Do not hesitate to ask for help think first of all about your child.

If you travel by plane, bus or train and there is a free place near you, do not hesitate to stretch your legs to it. If you fly on an airplane, remove street shoes and put on slippers or thick socks and walk around the salon.

Periodically raise your legs to the level of your seat for better blood flow. If you do not have the opportunity to take off your shoes, make sure that it is comfortable; soft, with comfortable heels and an elastic sole.

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