Travel and insurance during pregnancy

That some airlines allow flights at the end of pregnancy does not mean that travel insurance in your home insurance still applies at that time. One good advice is to check out how the rules look before you book your trip.

Some airlines do not allow you to fly pregnant after a certain pregnancy week. Most common is that you can not fly during the last two months of pregnancy. The fact that rules have been set is not because it is inappropriate for you as pregnant to fly, but it is about the risk that the airplane would need to land if a childbirth begins.

Some airlines require that you as pregnant write a paper that basically means that the airline disclaims liability and any costs

The fact that some airlines allow flights at the end of pregnancy (up to, for example, 4 weeks before the estimated decline) does not mean that the travel insurance in your home insurance applies for the same duration.

How does the usual healthcare insurance work if the mother needs care or if the newborn child is born abroad?

Healthcare abroad can be expensive for those who are uninsured. Early born children may need hospital care, and you and the child may need to transport home.

Check out the airline’s rules for pregnancy as they may differ from airline companies to airlines.

To ensure you are properly insured – contact your insurance company for advice and review the terms of your insurance.

Unpack the insurance fund’s EU card.

Include medical certificates of the progress of your pregnancy and your own health.

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