Toothache during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body of a woman is most vulnerable to all kinds of pain. The most unpleasant is dental.

It is known that ladies in the situation are forbidden to take medicines without the doctor’s appointment, so as not to injure your body and the body of the child.

At the initial stages of pregnancy, you must visit the dentist to heal all the teeth. It should be remembered that even simple caries can lead to more serious diseases.

If your teeth did not heal before pregnancy, you should visit the doctor at least three times for pregnancy. Flux can lead to complete tooth decay. Moreover, the oral cavity of a pregnant woman is very vulnerable to various kinds of microbes, alkaline balance increases, immunity weakens.

You can not avoid going to the dentist at any time. Moreover, in the second trimester even very complicated treatment can be carried out, without prejudice to the baby and the future mother. When the tooth is removed, local anesthesia is used. Modern painkillers do not harm the fetus, do not interfere with its development, do not affect health in any way.

It is known that women in the situation can not do X-rays . But, sometimes a toothache is caused by the destruction of the root or the tooth itself. To get rid of such pain will help only timely treatment. And correct treatment is sometimes impossible without X-rays. If the doctor gives an appointment for a picture, then you need to do it.

Weigh up the pros and cons of what will be worse: A tooth and gum disease or an x-ray. It should be remembered that all the pain is reflected in the child. Removing a toothache does not mean her treatment, it’s just a withdrawal of symptoms.

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