Thrush during pregnancy

Few women can say that they have never experienced thrush. This is quite unpleasant, but still not a very serious attack, which can seriously spoil your well-being.

Quite another matter, if the thrush proved to be during pregnancy. It is important to understand what is the main danger of thrush, what it signals and what should be done in this case.

Thrush is only a common name for the disease. More correctly it will be called candida colpitis or simply candidiasis. It is called a special kind of fungus, a yeast called Candida (Candidaalbicans), which can very successfully develop in the environment of the vagina.

According to a large number of studies, Candida fungus is almost always present as part of the vaginal microflora, only in small amounts, without causing any particular problems. Its development is hampered by the neighboring lacto bacteria, which form an advantageous symbiosis with the human body, as well as natural immune processes.

In the event that there are problems associated with immunity or changes in normal microflora, the number of lacto-bacteria can be significantly reduced and their place is actively occupied by the fungus.

During pregnancy, there is a sharp jump in the production of hormones, which contributes to a significant change in the environment in the vagina.

This is primarily aimed at activating the development of acidic environment and reproduction of lacto bacteria, strengthening immune mechanisms. However, Candida fungus is just as easily activated under these conditions, and if he manages to take more epithelium, then suppresses the reproduction of lacto bacteria.

It all boils down to the fact that if a woman before pregnancy had minimal symptoms of thrush, or she was asymptomatic at all, then with hormonal reorganization it will manifest itself in full force.

Candidiasis can not be classically attributed to diseases transmitted sexually. It is a reflection of the state of woman’s immunity in the first place.

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