The three stages of childbirt

It begins with the start of childbirth. (You know that birth is on time). Then it is called the latency phase and means that the cervix softens, becomes shorter (worn out) and the womb begins to open. The wards are often irregular and the pain is not so intense. Usually you are still at home at this time. During this time, it is good to rest and eat properly, to make a living.

It is usually the phase that takes the longest time, about 20 hours. For some women, it lasts for several days, but then the pain usually has stopped sometimes with a few hours interval. For others, it goes quickly into an active phase.

When the aches eventually become stronger and get denser, the opening stages are in their active phase. Active phase is considered if you have painful pain, water has passed, and/or the uterine mouth has plunged and opened 1 cm, or is open 4 cm.
If two of these three criteria are met, it is considered that the woman is in active phase. You may need natural or medical pain relief from the pain.

Statistically, the womb opens at half to one centimeter per hour, but this is statistics and says nothing about how it will be for the individual woman. Up to 12 hours are usually considered for the active part of the opening stage, as a breeder usually goes faster. The child’s head has penetrated here from the pelvis and beyond the spinal cord, then you may feel sick and vomit.

The expulsion phase is divided into a narrowing phase and a crystal phase. When the uterine mouth opened completely 10 cm the woman has entered the first part of the expulsion chain, the so-called penetration phase.

It may take up to 2-3 hours for firstborns, but if the woman is a native, it goes much faster. The child’s head rotates and the head penetrates down the pelvic floor. The pressure on the rectum increases and the aches become stronger, and turn into a crossache. The woman often feels intuitive that she wants to cheer the child. The chest pain is a kind of rhythm that switches between taking all the forces and tensioning off. The feeling may remind you to cry when visiting the toilet.

The crystalline phase begins when the child’s head is located on the pelvic floor and can take up to an hour for firstborns and 30 mins for breastfeeding.

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