The main signs of pregnancy in the first month

A huge number of women around the world are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the desired pregnancy.

Most often, your body will signal about this event in 1-2 months after conception. Fertilization occurs between 2 and 4 weeks of the cycle. After a while, for a number of features, you can feel that now you have a new life.

The signs of pregnancy in the first month are approximately the same for most women. These include:

Breast changes;

Substantially different from engorgement, which accompanies many women during ovulation and in the second half of the cycle.

Your chest seems to be hinting at your willingness to feed the baby in a few months. The glands begin to increase and grow, sometimes causing discomfort and pain.

In the area of ​​5-8 weeks of pregnancy, you may notice drops of colostrum on the laundry. This phenomenon quickly stops and returns only to the end of pregnancy.


Usually future mothers are very frightened of possible early bouts of nausea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting.

In most cases, pregnant women begin to “muddle” around 4-5 weeks the field of conception. But sometimes these terms shift and early toxemia comes already in the first month.

In addition to nausea, headaches, pressure jumps, apathy, weakness, unwillingness to take any food can add.

Pains in the lower abdomen;

Almost every woman faces them at the beginning of pregnancy. If the pain is not too intense and go away after a while, you should not worry.

Thus, a tiny embryo is strengthened in the wall of the uterus. The implantation process causes such unusual sensations and some discomfort.

Atypical reaction to tastes and smells;

In most cases, such changes can occur at the end of early 2 months of pregnancy. But some moms rejection of different products by smell and color can manifest much earlier.

Aversion in you are capable of causing odors coming from food, perfume products or flowers. Favorite food during this period can become almost disgusting, so strong is the hormonal storm inside.

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