The first signs of pregnancy before menstruation

Usually ovulation in a woman occurs on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle, 7-10 days is required for the body to start producing hormones of pregnancy, and accordingly, in response to hormonal changes, the woman’s health begins to change, and the first signs of pregnancy appear!

Changing breast sensitivity: Since the hormonal background of the organism changes during pregnancy, the breast primarily reacts to it. Nipples can become very painful and for many women wearing a bra makes it very uncomfortable. Also, the color of the areola (the area around the nipple) may change the areola may become dark.

Change of well-being: You can replace fatigue there is a desire to sleep more, lie in bed and the desire to go somewhere and do daily business disappears.

Incomprehensible laziness is a protective measure, because it helps to reduce the activity of the future mother and creates the most safe conditions for the baby to be born.

Changing appetite: It can not be said that all pregnant women have an increased appetite. Still, in pregnancy, many points are very individual and depend on your overall health. Some women state that in the first weeks of pregnancy they absolutely did not want to eat, but others on the contrary showed a very strong appetite and ate everything.

Signs of early toxicosis: Nausea can appear literally from the first days of pregnancy and with time only increase. Thus, the body of some mothers reacts to the hormone hCG, which in the early pregnancy in the body is synthesized very much. In some people, nausea lasts a couple of days and then does not appear throughout the pregnancy.

Migraines, headaches: Quite often this phenomenon occurs in early pregnancy. Headaches are so strong that a woman simply has to take painkillers. However, remember that in pregnancy, not every medicine is suitable for use, but only that which passed the test and is safe for the embryo.

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