The child’s gender and eye color

There is much that is determined at the moment of conception. The sperm determines if the fertilized egg is to grow into a boy or a girl. But for the color of the eyes, an attack is made by both the mother and the father.

At the gathering, about 500 million sperm is thrown against the cervical opening against the ovary. The prolonged survival time of the sperms causes a combination of several days before ovulation to lead to conception.
A couple of hours after the melting of the sperm and the egg, the egg splits for the first time.

The sperm determines the sex

In the head of the sperm, there is the genome of the man in the form of 23 chromosomes. It is half of the child’s total inheritance. In the egg, the woman’s legacy waits with as many chromosomes. Some sperms carry on a girl, an X chromosome, and some on the basis of a boy, a Y-chromosome.

There are many theories about how to influence the sex of an upcoming child, but there is no evidence that they are correct. Some experts argue that there is a slightly increased likelihood that boys become pregnant if fertilization occurs just in connection with ovulation, while more girls are born during conception, which occurs at least 2 days thereafter. A single study suggests that energy-rich food, especially if the mother eats good breakfast, increases the likelihood of a boy being born.

Other properties stored in the genome of both eggs and sperm are body length, skin and hair color, special facial features etc.

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