Temperature method for measuring ovulation

The temperature method used to reach ovulation can be a natural method for preventing pregnancy, but perhaps mainly to be able to figure out when you have the greatest chance of getting pregnant.

Temperature increase in ovulation

The temperature rises from 0.3 to a half degree during the day after ovulation. In this way you can determine when ovulation occurs and avoid spending days around ovulation, as the possibility of getting pregnant is the greatest.

Should not replace contraception

The temperature method is an aid to natural family planning, but should definitely not replace contraception because an unwanted pregnancy can be very stressful for all involved. However, it should be noted that the temperature rises only after ovulation and that the egg survives only for 24 hours. Sperm can live and be active up to five days in the woman.

Measure the basalt temperature

To use the temperature method of family planning, you should measure your basalt temperature every morning before going out of bed and after at least 5 hours of sleep. It is important that you measure the temperature correctly and with the same thermometer every day. Try to measure the temperature at about the same time each day.

Have a schedule where you write down the temperature day by day. As the temperature has risen, and remains higher than normal, you have ovulation.

Keep in mind that the temperature method does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

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