Stomatitis in pregnancy

According to statistics, stomatitis develops in almost every second woman, the main reason is to change the hormonal background and weakening of immunity.

First of all, the mucous membranes suffer, on which the first signs of the disease appear, usually the gum, tongue, tonsils, tonsils, and throat are affected.

Stomatitis does not have the best effect on the health status of a pregnant woman , with timely diagnosis and treatment of negative consequences can be avoided.

Absence of therapy leads to faster reproduction of microorganisms, severe forms of the disease are accompanied by an increase in temperature, which leads to dehydration and has a negative effect on the course of pregnancy.

The method of transmission of stomatitis varies depending on the form, some species develop against the background of treatment of diseases of the ENT organs, oncology, etc.

Prevent infection with stomatitis 100% impossible, because the disease is transmitted through infected animals, agricultural goods, when talking with a patient, etc.

If signs of the disease appear, it is recommended to consult a dentist immediately.

In the presence of chronic gastrointestinal diseases, a consultation of a gastroenterologist is shown, treatment of diseases of the internal organs allows you to quickly eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

When choosing therapeutic methods, one should be guided by the safety of medicines, preference should be given to topical preparations, they almost do not enter the bloodstream, do not influence the development of the fetus.

The medicine should not be unpleasant in taste and color, as this can provoke vomiting and nausea.

An important criterion is the ease of use, which allows you to take all the necessary drugs on time.

One of the most effective local medicines is Hexaspree, the active substance biklotimol eliminates pathogens, resulting in reduced inflammation, pain, and other unpleasant symptoms disappear.

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