Sterilization of men

You must carefully think about the possibility of a new family formation later in life. With your signature, you confirm that you know that the operation results in permanent inability to acquire biological children.

How is the operation going and what does it mean?

Urologist or surgeon usually performs the procedure after consultation with a physician at the health center. Local anesthesia occurs in the purse’s skin, the spinal cord is looking forward and one to one and a half centimeters is cut away, the ends are sealed and the skin is sewn together. In addition, a microscopic examination is performed to ensure that the correct tissue is removed.

The operation takes 15-30 minutes. Transient swelling and soreness in the scrotum are common, and painkillers may need a few days. Men with heavy physical work may sometimes have to renounce work for a few days.

Sterilization does not affect your male body functions or your sex life. You also do not notice a difference in sperm withdrawal. The fluid may become slightly more transparent when sperm cells are missing. Once the fear of an unwanted pregnancy has disappeared, sex life can also be better. Sterilization, of course, does not mean any protection against sexually transmitted diseases, but condoms must still be used at such risk.

How do you know that you are sterile?

During the first months after surgery, you may leave three sperm samples, so that you know that no live sperm cells remain. Immediately after the procedure, you must use previous methods of prevention (condom or in women’s oral contraceptive or coil) as you have above the operating area sperm cells stored in the sperms, which must be emptied first.

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