Sports for pregnant women

You have always led an active and rich life, were engaged in running, swimming, aerobics and were proud of an elegant chiseled figure. But now the long-awaited pregnancy has come, and the question has arisen, how to deal with sports during pregnancy?

Can I exercise during pregnancy? Is it worth to completely abandon the load, so as not to harm the baby, or vice versa, a sharp decline in activity will have a negative impact on health?

If the pregnancy is normal, there are no prerequisites for the appearance of the uterine tone, analyzes are pleased with ideal parameters, then it is impossible to interrupt training in any case.

The only thing that you have to limit yourself, is to shorten the duration and intensity of the loads.

In the event of a sudden termination of sports, weight will inevitably begin to grow. And this leads to an increase in the load on the heart and pressure drops. Blood flow is disturbed, metabolism suffers, and this can lead to poor supply of the placenta and oxygen starvation of the fetus.

There are norms of gaining weight that are not desirable during pregnancy. The maximum allowed is 15 kg.

If this threshold is exceeded, then the load on the internal organs leads to serious complications in the course of pregnancy.

In addition, refusal of physical exercises leads to muscle relaxation, loss of their tone. This increases the duration of labor, leads to increased painful contractions.

Naturally, you can not throw a sport. In addition, doctors are strongly recommended that pregnant women be included in the training day, even if they previously had a passive lifestyle.

There are sports that will bring the muscles in order, without harming either mom or baby. This is yoga , pilates, fitball, specially designed for pregnant exercise complexes.

In addition to the load on the main muscle groups, such training will teach you how to breathe properly, give a charge of vivacity and bring your emotional state in order.

Almost all pregnant women feel a significant load on the spine, suffer from back pain . Specially designed yoga programs during pregnancy will relieve spasms in the muscles, show how to breathe correctly during childbirth, how to strain the press to help the baby appear without complications.

Yoga during pregnancy is a useful health system for the whole organism.

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