Smoking, alcohol, drugs during pregnancy

Both smoking, alcohol and drugs affect the growing fetus when you are expecting children. Here you will find facts and tips on why you should abstain during pregnancy.

Smoking double harmful to the fetus

When you smoke, you enter many harmful substances that are absorbed by the blood and move around the body. The subjects reach the fetus via the placenta and the umbilical cord.

And your fetal up twice as much carbon monoxide in your blood as your own bloodstream. A cigarette for the future mother thus corresponds to two for her little child.
And the negative effects in the fetus’s body are several: the carbon monoxide penetrates the oxygen in the blood. Nicotine in cigarette smoke and snus brings together the blood vessels in the placenta.

Small and premature born children

For other drugs, such as drugs or tranquilizers, it can be seen that drugs taken during pregnancy result in premature birth and the child weighs less.

“But alcohol is the hardest drug, it’s actually a carcinogen. Upward 90 percent of European women drink alcohol. And 90 percent can also stop drinking alcohol during pregnancy if they get good information, says Christina Ottenblad, who worked for a long time as a midwife and unit manager at the family-social reception at Huddinge Hospital, a specialist mothers care for prospective mothers with alcohol or drug problems.

Alcohol when the fetus’s immature lives

When a pregnant woman is drinking alcohol, it affects the fetus at least as much as herself. Because there is no barrier in the placenta, the alcohol passes from the mother to the fetus.

The little fetus has no fully developed liver, which can break down the poison itself. The fetus also has the alcohol for itself longer than the mother has. One can say that the child is an extension of the mother’s body.

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