Skin Disorders (striae distensae)

Striae distensae, English stretchmarks” or skin ruptures are misguided groups of lines that run parallel to the skin that preferably affect the hips, breasts, upper arms, shoulders, abdomen, back, buttocks and sometimes over knees.

Areas where the skin has not “got through” any kind of size increase and therefore has become overtime.

These can be of different lengths and widths. They may be new arrivals and are red or red violet and then called striae rubra. Over time, white lines remain known as Striae Alba.

The phenomenon occurs when the skin stretches faster than it grows and adjusts to volume increase of underlying muscles, fat or other tissues. This can be seen in the growth spurt of adolescents, when young women develop rapidly and typically receive female forms, bodybuilders, overweight and perhaps most known during pregnancy. In pregnancy, the skin of the abdomen is affected, but also the fast-paced breast. The phenomenon has also occurred rarely in women who have been implanted for breast augmentation. Cortisone therapy in large doses (tablets or strong cortisone creams) can cause striae.

This happens more often in younger individuals who have a very elastic and healthy connective tissue which is puzzling. In older people, however, a wound occurs in the event of a sharp overgrowth of the skin tissue. In general, you can not explain striae with shortage and illnesses. However, high doses of cortisone in tablet form for a long time or strong cortisone creams may be used improperly in sensitive areas giving rise to striae. Similarly, unusual diseases that secret a lot of cortisone in the body (Cushing’s disease) can cause striae, but at the same time, with many other symptoms.

Cortisone ointments and creams belong to the most important treatment preparations in a variety of skin diseases and are used to a greater extent than too much due to the fear of its side effects. Properly used, it is a very useful medicine for the sick skin that allows it to heal and get strong again.

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