Sinupret during pregnancy

Cough and runny nose cause great discomfort during pregnancy. They are treated quite difficult, because many drugs at this time are inaccessible and prohibited. In this connection, it is necessary to find out whether Sinupret can be used during pregnancy, since this medicine can be of considerable help.

Composition and indications

Drops or tablets of Sinupret relieve inflammation, accelerate the excretion of sputum and promote its release, so that the swelling of the airways becomes less, they can perform their protective function.

To understand whether it is possible to use Sinupret during pregnancy, you should consider what is included in the medication.

The structure of Sinupret includes exclusively plant components. Gentian and primrose can provoke an increase in body temperature, hypertension, if the permissible dosage is exceeded. In pregnancy, this can be unsafe.

There are three forms of the drug:

  • Tablets (coated tablets);
  • drops;
  • syrup.

As studies have shown, the medicine can not cause significant harm to a woman when carrying a child. The drug is well tolerated, although sometimes there may be allergic reactions, abdominal pain. If unpleasant feelings have begun, you need to stop taking the medication.

In the first trimester Sinupret can be a good assistant in the fight against the common cold. In this case, doctors warn: to use drops is undesirable, since they contain alcohol. In the first trimester, all the organs of a small man are formed, so even small doses of alcohol can affect the development of the fetus.

Sinupret often saves pregnant women who need to be cured of a virus or a cold without harming the child. The medicine is dispensed without a prescription, you can take it only after consulting a doctor.

The medicine is prescribed at the doctor’s discretion. At the same time homeopathy will not bring significant harm to the fetus.

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