Should I give water to an infant?

Water is the most important part of our life. The importance of water for the human body is undeniable. Sufficient fluid is necessary for any organism, including newborn baby. Consider the characteristics of infant nutrition and look for answers to the question of how necessary, useful and when you can give water to a newborn?

Mother’s milk is the ideal food for the baby.

WHO recommendations, and my practical opinion is that before the introduction of the first complementary foods, namely to 5-6 months of age, the newborn should only breastfeed.

The newborn does not distinguish between hunger and thirst.

The stomach of the baby is about the size of its fist. Filling a small stomach with additional water in addition to breast milk does not bring any benefit to the newborn.

When the small stomach of the newborn is filled with water, there is less room for the mother’s milk, and consequently, the amount of nutrients entering the body of the baby is reduced.

Water of even the best quality does not guarantee safety for the baby’s digestive system. If the child is constantly dopaivat water, the risk of dysbacteriosis increases by three times.

Breast milk, unlike water, is pure, harmless and strengthens the immunity of the baby.
Additional water, offered to an infant up to 3 months, overloads its kidneys. Salts in mother’s milk have exactly as much as a baby needs. Water also removes through the kidneys those salts that enter the body of a child with mother’s milk.

If you give water to a baby instead of applying to the breast, then the process of producing breast milk is disrupted.

Milk is produced in quantities sufficient for the child in response to stimulation. Nighttime breastfeeding contributes to the production of the hormone prolactin.

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