Should childbirth be hurt?

Should it hurt to feed children? Yes. It hurts to feed children. So the first preparation is to accept that the pain is always involved in giving birth to children.

Having accepted the pain as a phenomenon makes it much easier to meet it. Can you also see it as a tool to get you through the childbirth, which eventually leads to a fantastic reward a child! Then the pain will also be manageable.

Do not think I think all women should give birth to children without pain relief, if that is not the case. It is because there are no painless deliveries.

Today we can get into space, to the moon and then back again. We have also made enormous progress in the world of medicine, such as cardiac transplants that give us a longer life. But what we have not yet come across is the perfect pain relief method that suits all women and has no side effects for the woman or child.

Therefore, I think that every woman who is giving birth to children needs to prepare to meet the pain based on just the unique person she is. With or without pain relief, she will not be evaluated afterwards according to the method she used.

When you are giving birth to your child, be “the one you are” without the demands of the environment, the only challenge you face is to meet yourself. Then you can ask yourself: Can you prepare yourself for the pain?

Pain is difficult to prepare for all situations. Some women can and want to prepare, others do not.

During my years as a midwife, I have not met two women who had the same experience of their pain. If you divide the pain from three different perspectives, the biological pain, the emotional pain and then the way we assess the pain, you get a better understanding of why it will be as it gets, and thus better prepare.

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