Secretion and ovulation

In the cervix, a secretion from the mucosa develops constantly. The first few days after the menstruation, the secret is very sparse. This is called the dry days.

The days before ovulation increase the slime production and the secretion become clear, watery and yellowish. This is called the wet days. During the actual ovulation day, the secretion becomes abundant, wet and threaded, giving a moist feeling in the vagina. Four days after ovulation, the secretion again becomes sparse and the dry days begin.

How to determine if you have ovulation?

If you want to try this method to read when you ovulate, you should practice for a few months, and every morning examine the secretion of the wear on your finger, as you first enter the vagina.

Look at the secret and assess how big the amount is. Note that this can be very hard to see and all women cannot detect the differences in their privacy. Therefore, this method is uncertain.

Just before ovulation, the secretion, as said, is wire-like. If you have secreted your index finger and press your finger against the thumb and then gently pull your forefinger and thumb away, a thin slim bridge will develop 3-6 centimeters long before it breaks. This is a clear sign that the secretion is thread-like.

No sure method

Using this method as a preventive measure is not a sure method. But this method, also known as Billing’s test, is good enough in combination with other natural methods for family planning or for those who want enhanced safety in combination with condoms or pessaries. Although it’s definitely not a sure method, it’s much better than no method at all if you want to avoid pregnancy.

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