Prevention: Minipiller

Minipiller is a hormonal contraceptive method but contains only one hormone, the carcase hormone gestagen. Gestagenet changes the secretion of the vagina and the uterine mucosa, which makes it difficult for the sperm to be transported to the ovary.

In some women, ovulation is also affected by the use of mini pills. It is important that this type of pill is taken every day and at the same time. If the tablets are taken properly, the safety is good, 95-99 percent.

What are the benefits of mini pills?

They can be used by women who should avoid estrogen, for example if you have a blood clot or if you are breastfeeding.

What are the disadvantages of mini pills?

If you have difficulty remembering taking tablets at the same time each day, mini pills are not appropriate. Intermediate gestagen tablets, so-called estrogen-free contraceptives, are then preferred. Even simpler, of course, is the p-rod or hormone spiral. If you can use estrogen-containing methods, there are also combined birth control pills, p-rings or p-patches.

Some are bothered by irregular bleeding when using mini pills. Some get no one at all. In such cases, it is, of course, important to rule out pregnancy. If you have become pregnant during mini-pills use, the hormones can not harm the fetus.

Can I get pregnant when I quit minipiller?

Yes, the possibilities for pregnancy return immediately after you quit the mini-pillars. If you do not want to become pregnant, it is important to use any other protection.

Where should I turn to get mini pills?

Midwife or gynecologist at the nearest contraceptive clinic can advise and print minipills.

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