Pregnancy without prejudice

Why, barely feeling the first signs of pregnancy (especially if this is the first pregnancy), would the future mother suddenly begin to believe in signs? Because it scares the unknown, scares the way for nine months, terrifies a huge responsibility for the baby.

It is frightening that the plans have finally come true, and there is a fear of scaring away the long-awaited. After all, for the first time, girls are thinking about the near future, trying on the role of a young mother when they enter into romantic relationships with young people or classmates learn about early pregnancy. A little later, this topic is given more and more space in dreams, thoughts, and conversations.

Well, let’s try to deal with some of the “pregnant” myths, signs and statements, “this is the case with everyone,” which often spoil the life of the expectant mother in the first months of pregnancy.

You can not tell anyone about pregnancy. Only daddy baby!

Yes, probably, it is not worth it to everyone to trumpet about the upcoming replenishment in the family immediately after the pregnancy test showed two treasured strips. First, there are false positive tests, and no one is immune from unpleasant surprises and disruptions. And secondly… Maybe it is worthwhile to leave a secret a secret? No wonder that the tummy is not there yet, and you do not feel anything, and only thanks to the pregnancy test, your mom and dad know that the baby already exists.

Toxicosis will be required!

Toxicosis may not be. There are women who, even having given birth to several babies, have never felt nauseous. And why do some happy “birches” have it, and others do, not a single doctor (even a British one) has yet given an answer. By the way, doctors consider early toxicosis, manifested during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, a pathological condition. But if the toxicosis does not give the expectant mother too much trouble and does not greatly change her lifestyle, then you should not worry.

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