Pregnancy and dreams for the unborn baby

During pregnancy, each of us has literally magical inclinations to exercise and receive something that could not have come true only a year or two ago. We are able not only to raise a child inside us but also to create his character, inclinations, abilities.

Do not believe? Try visualization it is often recommended in courses for pregnant women as a good practice for relaxation. Here are the images, among which you will surely find your close ones.

Blooming flower

Flowers one of the most beautiful creatures. And each disclosure of a flower is like a revelation, a miracle, something perfect.

Find a picture or clip of blooming flowers, choose the most suitable for you and having remembered, start scrolling in front of the inner view. Or create your own special wonderful unique flower that will be a reflection of your soul or the soul of your future child.

Frolicking puppy or dolphin

I think no one can be left indifferent by a merry, wagging tail of a cute puppy. How much mischief in him, naivety, playfulness and spontaneity, joy and openness! And every child who comes to the world has a supply of this inexhaustible energy and joy.

Let this image be your starting point, and you can imagine a bunny, squirrel or someone else, very sweet and affectionate, which you caress and indulge. But it is best to imagine a dolphin, because the child inside you is just in the liquid, and in terms of development the dolphins are in no way inferior to man.

Imagine a dolphin swimming, diving, spraying a fountain and smiling defiantly, expecting an invitation from you to play. Watch the dolphin show, pick up the most beautiful picture and keep in front of your eyes. Let the image of a playful and wise being help you to tune in to a responsible, joyful and playful attitude towards your unborn child!

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