Pregnancy and Breast Cancer

At the moment, the method of managing a pregnant woman who has breast cancer is becoming increasingly important. The greatest joy of a future mother is overshadowed by such a formidable disease oncology. What is the tactic of managing these patients? What should a woman do in this situation? The answers to these questions we tried to give in this article.

The problem of breast cancer and pregnancy appeared not today, but many more centuries ago. At first, scientists thought that, while maintaining pregnancy, a woman receives a faster growth of the tumor and a more malignant course of the disease. For the first time, this was expressed by scientist Gross in 1880. Scientists long enough believed so. However, medicine continued to develop and scientists increasingly tried to keep the pregnancy, especially if the woman herself insisted on this. So there were attempts at treatment against the background of an already existing pregnancy. And more and more often scientists came to more optimistic conclusions. But it must be fairly noted that these cases were separate.

The rare combination of breast cancer and pregnancy can be explained by the fact that women most often fall in the period of 40 to 55 years. But at the present time, given that women who give birth for the first time “get old” (remember earlier “the old-timer” is a woman in the age of 27 – 29, and today this is a common thing ), this problem becomes especially urgent.

Unfortunately, the late diagnosis of breast cancer in women with pregnancy, unfortunately, is common. This is due to the fact that during this period in the body of a woman there are changes in the breast that lead to an increase in its size, roughness, some soreness, discharge from the nipples. These conditions mask the development of the disease. A woman during pregnancy should always show and tell the doctor all the formations that appear in the mammary gland during pregnancy and lactation. Of course, most often these formations are associated with lactational mastitis, blockage of milk ducts. It should also be remembered that to date, very often mastitis occurs in an erased from, with mild clinical symptoms. It is in such cases that physiotherapeutic procedures are often appointed to facilitate the spread of the process. All this causes a delay in the diagnosis. At the time of diagnosis, the percentage of common forms ranges from 72 to 85% and the size of the tumor reached 5 – 6 cm.

In connection with the impossibility of conducting a full examination of a pregnant woman with a suspicious formation in the chest, should be necessarily carried out a breast examination by a doctor and the ultrasound infants glands. Mammography should be performed only if the visible formation on ultrasound is very similar to a tumor. In this situation, the most informative method is puncture and biopsy, they can reliably confirm or deny the diagnosis.

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