Pollen allergy during pregnancy

Today, it is considered safe to use both prescription and prescription drugs for pollen allergy during pregnancy. This applies to both antihistamines and cortisone sprays. If pregnant women want to be careful, they will use established medicines that have been on the market for a while.

Pollen allergy causes no complications

There are no studies showing that pollen allergy in pregnancy causes complications to the fetus.

There has been no connection between fetal malformations and allergies, but again you should not suffer from allergies and feel very bad. If you do, it probably affects the fetus more than you are doing well and taking drugs.

In Europe, about 11 percent of all children at the age of 4 are allergic to pollen and at the age of two, about five percent of the children respond to pollen, which later develops into allergies. The older the children become, the more of them develop allergies in their teens.

In older years, you will gradually become allergic, but it may take many years. The presence of pollen allergic children is also different in different countries. There are no data indicating that children may develop allergies at the fetal stage. This type of investigation has not been done, but children may develop symptoms of an allergic nature very early. The state is most common in school age.

How are children affected by pollen allergies?

There are studies showing that performance is influenced and that children, like adults, experience impaired quality of life, poor sleep and poor performance of school performance. Many allergic children also have atopic eczema, which is not as common in adults. Otherwise, the same mechanisms give the same symptoms. Several studies have also shown that many children remain undiagnosed.

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