Pelvic pain and back pain during pregnancy

Even normal pregnancy affects the back and pelvis. First, the hormone relaxin is secreted to soften the pelvis’s joints so the body can carry and feed a child. Secondly, all tissues in the back and pelvis are affected by the increasing weight of the uterus. For example, you slightly swallow a bit too much when your stomach starts to grow, which relieves the muscles of the lumbar spine and the ligaments between the cortex and the pelvis.

Pelvic pain may appear in principle at any time, although it is most common for them to occur after week 28.

The problems may look very different and it is often not easy to determine where they are from. Sometimes it’s not the joints, but an irritation of the ligaments and muscles that hurts most.

Most commonly, the pains are located in the posterior pelvic joints of the lower back, but they may also feel around the pubic bone against the groin, towards the front or inside of the thighs.

When is it over?

For most people who suffer from pain, the pain is unpleasant and difficult, but after all, it is manageable throughout the pregnancy. You can facilitate everyday life by learning how to avoid worsening problems (see below).

A few women still get so painful that they can not go without aids, such as crutches.
The pelvic problems usually disappear a couple of weeks to six months after childbirth. In rare cases, the pains may last longer.

Important with the quick diagnosis

If you are bothered by pain in your back or pelvis, talk to your midwife then you will probably get to a physiotherapist for control.

It is important to determine as early as possible whether pregnancy common back pain or pelvic pain action and treatment is completely different.

Common back pain can often be alleviated, or even remedied, through different types of exercise. These physical exercises, however, do not help against pelvic pain.

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