Pelvic fetal presentation

The position of the baby in the uterus with legs or glutes is called the pelvic presentation of the fetus. In obstetric practice, it is customary to distinguish two of its varieties; breech presentation and foot. Depending on the complexity of the alleged natural birth, gynecologists recommend that a woman choose a cesarean section as the main method of delivery.

In pelvic presentation, it is most often the gluteal, it occurs in 35% of cases. With this arrangement of the fetus, its glutes are facing the exit of the birth canal, the legs are bent at the knees and bent at the hip joint. As a rule, breech presentation is of two types: mixed and purely gluteal. If the baby is in the pelvic presentation, a natural birth is possible, but there is a possibility of a number of complications. For example, prolapse of umbilical loops, asphyxia in a child and other severe injuries. In turn, the birth of a child with such a presentation necessarily leads to ruptures and damage to the tissues of the mother.

An incomplete presentation or a purely glutealisation occurs when the child’s legs are stretched along his torso, and flexion occurs only in the hip joint. And it is in this situation that the baby is getting ready for birth. With a mixed presentation or full gluteal, they face the exit of the mother’s small pelvis along with the legs. In this case, flexion is observed both in the knee joints and in the hip joints.

The legacy presentation is less common than the gluteal presentation and, as a rule, occurs during active labor. There are several types of this presentation: full, incomplete and knee. Full name, when two legs are slightly unbent in the hip and knee joints and face the bottom of a small pelvis of a woman. With incomplete presentation, one leg is completely bent in the hip joint, and the other is straight, that is, it is bent both in the hip joint and in the knee joints. Knee is extremely rare. It is characterized by the presentation of both knees bent at the knee joint, facing the exit of the birth canal.

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