Parental benefit and pregnancy allowance

You are entitled to withdraw parental benefit sixty days before your expected birth, as quarter, half, quarter or full days. You can of course also take a vacation at the end of the pregnancy.

You who are going to be a mother may stop working or reducing your working time within six months before the estimated childbirth without reducing your sickness benefit-based income, SGI (SGI is based on the amount of your parental allowance when you are orphaned).

When you visit the midwife reception center

(MVC), you will receive a certificate of pregnancy. You must send the certificate to the Social Insurance Agency, it serves as a notification of parental allowance. When the insurance fund has received the certificate, you will receive home more information about parental allowance.

When should you tell me that you are pregnant?

The main rule is that you must register with the employer no later than two months before you are parental. Then you will also announce how long you are supposed to be available.

At some workplaces there is a collective agreement that allows you to report earlier or later. Ask your union representative or your employer about what applies to you.

According to the Parental Leave Act, you are entitled to be completely unemployed from your work while the child is under 18 months. If you and your employer can agree, you can also divide unemployment and end up with periods of work.

The Act prohibits employers to disadvantage an employee with reference to her or his parental leave.

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