Acute Contraceptives (Day-after-Pills)

Acute birth control pills have also been called “day-after-pills” and are an emergency solution to prevent unwanted pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. The acute p-pill contains a high dose of a carotid hormone, levonorgestrel and, if taken as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse, can

Diet for pregnant women

Earlier it was said that the pregnant woman would eat for two. It’s not true. You should not eat twice as much as before. On the other hand, you should consider meeting the nutritional needs of two individuals. All the nutrition the child should

Myomy (muscle nodules in the uterus)

In addition to during pregnancy, the uterus can preserve its shape and size throughout its life. It also happens that it increases in size due to the formation of nodules of muscle cells and connective tissue in the uterine wall muscles. They call them

Breastfeeding or milk replacement?

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly the best option for the newborn. But there are women who for various reasons do not want to breastfeed. If you feel so, talk to a midwife or a child nurse to find out if the problems you may have might

Gynecological examination

All people are more or less shy, especially when showing their more intimate body parts for someone who does not know. But keep in mind that the gynecologist or midwife is trained and used to look at the intimate parts of his patients and