Temperature method for measuring ovulation

The temperature method used to reach ovulation can be a natural method for preventing pregnancy, but perhaps mainly to be able to figure out when you have the greatest chance of getting pregnant. Temperature increase in ovulation The temperature rises from 0.3 to a

Skin Disorders (striae distensae)

Striae distensae, English stretchmarks” or skin ruptures are misguided groups of lines that run parallel to the skin that preferably affect the hips, breasts, upper arms, shoulders, abdomen, back, buttocks and sometimes over knees. Areas where the skin has not “got through” any kind

What is Infertility?

Obtaining children experiences many of course. But it’s not everyone who can have children. Both physiological and psychological barriers can result in involuntary childlessness. Not being able to get a child you want to awaken strong feelings, many feel powerless, sad and angry. But

Prevention: Minipiller

Minipiller is a hormonal contraceptive method but contains only one hormone, the carcase hormone gestagen. Gestagenet changes the secretion of the vagina and the uterine mucosa, which makes it difficult for the sperm to be transported to the ovary. In some women, ovulation is