How to Prepare for Breastfeeding?

Modern moms often have a question; how to prepare a breast for feeding? In fact, cases when any actions are required are quite rare. Remember the main axiom, almost any woman can feed, only she should have a breast and an infant in her

Enema during pregnancy

Many future mothers face such a nuisance as constipation. To promote its occurrence are capable of hormonal changes and increased stress on all internal organs. The use of medicines in this period is limited, so women often resort to such a procedure as an

Low placentation in pregnant women

Currently, very many women during pregnancy face such a diagnosis as low placenta. Find out about this diagnosis of future mothers most often as a result of ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy, because in no other way a doctor can determine the

Pharyngocept during pregnancy

In the course of the seasons, our body can react at times unexpectedly, not just an autumn mope, but also a serious cold. Women expecting a child, especially acute suffer the onset of the cold season, so colds for them is a frequent occurrence.

Low hemoglobin during pregnancy

Reduction of hemoglobin is one of the most common problems in pregnancy. The phenomenon is called anemia and is characterized by a decrease in the concentration in the blood of red blood cells. The majority of women at the same time begin to fear