One-sided twins and two-legged twins

Single fertilization means that a sperm fertilizes an egg which then divides and causes two embryos, twins. The two children have the same legacy and are genetically completely alike. Of course, they always have the same sex.

If the egg is split early, already during the first three to four days after conception, even one-legged wedges may have their placenta depending on where the eggs stick to the uterus.

Most often, the division takes place after four to eight days, and then the twins get a common placenta.

Two-legged twins – just like regular siblings

Two-legged twins mean that two eggs are fertilized by two different sperms at the same time. These twins are no more equal than ordinary siblings. These twins can be of the same or different sex, just like “regular” siblings.

The woman’s ability to release two fertile eggs at the same time is to some extent hereditary, but it also occurs more often the older the woman is when she becomes pregnant.

The children each have a placenta, but depending on the way they are in their womb, the two cakes can grow together and be perceived as a single.

DNA analysis takes time

Without DNA analysis, it can be impossible to determine whether it is a single or two-legged relationship, if the children are of the same sex and if there are three to four hens between them.

Unfortunately, the analysis often takes a long time. This means that when the answer comes, the family often knows quite certain in the case of one-two-two-year-olds, just by getting to know their two children.

All fetal animals are usually surrounded by two membranes, an inner thinner, called ovarian and an outer thicker, called fetal skin. It usually also makes twin favors. However, there are exceptions. If the partition of an egg in a single pregnancy occurs late, the fetus can have a common external fetal skin.

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