Natural pain relief during childbirth

It is possible to relieve pain during childbirth even without the help of medical pain relief. Here are the most common ways.

It is primarily your birth that determines what you want for pain relief. Get acquainted with the different methods and discuss with your midwife at the Midwife Reception. All midwives receive a parenting training that is free. In addition, different childbirth courses are available.

The non-medical pain relief methods, as the correct term sounds, does not affect the child or the work of pain. The best effect of these methods is usually at the beginning of childbirth, during the so-called opening phase. However, it can be difficult to predict the degree of pain relief that will be achieved. It is therefore not uncommon to supplement medical pain relief.

Shower and bath

Something as simple as shower and bath has a calming and analgesic effect. A hard shower beam directed at the area that paints can derive the pain. Warm bathing water that covers the entire body reduces body weight, which facilitates relaxation and dampens the pain.

The bathing water temperature should not exceed 38 degrees, and it is important to drink fluids, such as water, while bathing to avoid risk of fluid exposure. The bathing water can have a somewhat stopping effect on the work of pain especially if the bath occurs at the early stages of the delivery process. If everything is normal, you can bathe even if the fetal water has gone off.

Physical activity

Often, your midwife advises you to change your position during pregnancy or try to get up and walk around a little. Establishing postures can alleviate pain because the body’s own analgesics, for example endorphins, increase. In addition, gravity and pressure are directed, breathing is facilitated and work ache often becomes more efficient.

Being upright and moving causes many women not to become nauseous to the same extent as in their lying position. Many women also feel that the sense of control and participation is getting bigger.


Massage is perceived as painful by many women. Here the partner can also participate actively and it may be nice for this person to help in any way. Often the pain also feels like a pain in the lumbar spine and then helps a relatively hard-wearing massage in that area. There are also aids for massage in most childbirth departments. Here, the midwife can provide good advice during the childbirth work.

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