Nail fungus during pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is quite difficult for a woman. At this time, the body experiences severe stress, a significant portion of trace elements and vitamins go to the formation of the fetus.

Therefore, no problems such as; hair loss, brittle nails, deterioration of the skin.

Also, due to deficiency of the necessary elements, all kinds of diseases can develop, among which the nail fungus is one of the most frequently encountered.

Nail fungus (scientifically – onychomycosis) is a very common problem, the most active in the summer.

This disease can cause a person suffering from them, a lot of trouble. Fungal lesions over time cause deformation of the nail plate.

If they are not treated, then soon you can find signs of the disease and the rest of the nails.

Fungal lesions, in fact, are a congestion of harmful microorganisms that adversely affect the body’s immune system, can trigger allergic reactions.

Diagnosis of the nail fungus is best based on the results of a laboratory study .

For this, the method of microscopy is used, which makes it possible to fairly accurately determine the causative agent of the disease. As a biological material, scraping is used from the nail plate.

The second way to diagnose is visual. The doctor examines the patient’s nails and on the basis of available signs makes a diagnosis.

Symptoms and signs of the disease

It is necessary to carefully examine the feet, special attention should be given to the interdigital folds, where the disease most often starts.

If in these places there are noticeable peeling of the skin and redness, then there is a possibility that this is a sign of onychomycosis beginning.

Can a fungus on the nails somehow affect the course of pregnancy or the health of the baby?

This disease is not considered dangerous, but it can cause severe inconvenience to the woman herself. Also, the presence of a nail fungus in one of the family members creates the prerequisites for the transfer of this disease to the rest.

Doctors, as practice shows, very often disagree about whether or not to treat the nail fungus during pregnancy.

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