Modern technologies in ultrasound

Modern 4D ultrasound can help not only to perform a qualitative study of the baby’s body, to check whether there are pathologies, whether the child is developing correctly, but even to see the image of the child in good enough quality. Parents can independently determine the sex of the child, look at their child in motion, see his smiling or frowning face, count each finger on the handles and legs.

2D ultrasound used earlier is an image on a plane (there are only two indicators here: height and length), 3D is already an image in the volume (three indicators are height, length and depth), and 4D is an image in real time three indicators are added the fourth – time). A new generation of ultrasound allows the doctor to see the features of development and vices that other devices will not reveal.

But the most important thing is the happiness of parents to finally see their child. With the help of 3D ultrasound, you can see how the child moves, how it smiles, its facial expressions,frowning. It is interesting that all photos of the ultrasound can be recorded on a DVD-disk while performing diagnostics and you can show them to close relatives.

As we have already said, with the help of ultrasound it is possible to consider vices, even such small hare lips, curved finger, contracture, clubfoot of legs. Of course, more important vices, especially heart diseases, are also considered. After all, the heart defects of the fetus are at one of the first places in the world!

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