Medications during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial period in the life of every woman and it is necessary to prepare yourself for it, without fail, armed with a certain set of knowledge. In particular, everyone knows perfectly well that taking medication with pregnant women should be extremely cautious. Along with that, almost all face the need for this. And after all, for every reason, you can not run to the doctor. That’s why universal means are invented.

In fact, the statement that the taking of drugs to pregnant women is strictly forbidden is not true. And what about those who suffer from chronic diseases, for example? Another thing is that, of course, you need a specialist consultation.

During pregnancy, completely customary tablets can cause an unexpected reaction, which is associated with the restructuring of the female body. Moreover, allergic reactions, in this case, are not the greatest evil. Especially dangerous is the intake of medications at the earliest stages of pregnancy, during the formation of embryo organs. The risk is reduced only after a 16-week gestation period.

Of the known antibiotics, tetracycline and its derivatives are most dangerous, which can lead to the development of vices. Levometsetin can lead to the weakness of the organs of hematopoiesis, streptomycin, in general, can make a child deaf.

The cause of extremely undesirable consequences may be analgin, acetylsalicylic acid, and reserpine. In order to avoid medication if possible, it is necessary to follow the recommendations. For example, you can avoid heartburn if you eat right; without eating large amounts of food at once and limiting yourself to small portions that are absorbed more often. To avoid bloating at night, under the back you can put cushions or sleep in a semi-sitting position. A number of problems can be relieved by special physical training, especially since a lot of complexes have been developed at present. Do not forget about the need to consume up to 1.5 liters of fluid per day, a healthy diet. But if in this case there are problems with the stomach, you can take the drug Regulax.

If you find an epidemic of influenza and have been taken a hostage, be sure to consult a doctor, but the recipe for an antipyretic preparation that is prepared at home, still remember; chew 2-3 times a day, the propolis is wiped off. To strengthen immunity, it is good to eat fresh apple juice, mixed with squeezed out two carrots and beets. To the drink, you can add 1 tablespoon of cranberry juice. Drink this vitamin-rich drink 3 times a day for 20 minutes before eating half a cup.

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