Medical pain relief during childbirth

No birth is the other equal and how much pain you experience is individual. For those who feel the pain is unmanageable, there are several ways to get relief. Here we will tell you about the different options by medical means.

To choose pain relief method

It is primarily you who are going to give birth that determines what you want for pain relief. Learn about the different methods and discuss the options with your midwife at your midwife already in advance. All midwives receive a parenting training that is free. In addition, different childbirth courses are available.

During the work of work there are many forms of non-medical pain relief. You can also get medical pain relief, here are the most common methods:


It is common for you to take pain relieving tablets during certain periods of childbirth, especially during the latency phase and afterwards. Most commonly, it is a medicine that contains paracetamol, for example Alvedon, and it is very important not to exceed the maximum dose.

Laughing gas

Lust gas is the most common medical pain relief method, about 70 percent use this during childbirth. Many people feel that nitrous oxide gives a good pain relief. The nitrous oxide breathes through a breathing mask every time a pain starts to feel and then breaks when the pain begins to end. The effect comes after about 30 seconds and lasts for a minute after breathing in the mask. It can be perceived as a feeling of intoxication, some also become a bit nauseated by the nitrous oxide.

In order for the nitrous oxide to work efficiently, it’s important to learn the technology, which may take up to 20 minutes, and that you start before the pain is too strong. The nitrous oxide disappears quickly from the body and has no known negative effects on the child or the work of the work.

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