Measles during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the greatest danger to a woman and a child is most of the viral diseases.

Thanks to vaccination, the risk of such a disease as measles has decreased significantly, but a future mother can still get infected from people who refused vaccinations.

Measles is a viral infectious disease, which most often affects children. RNA-containing virus is the causative agent of measles.

Infection occurs by direct contact with an infected person. Moreover, the virus can survive in the external environment for two hours.

A healthy person can get infected in a room where the measles has been infected before. However, the virus quickly dies in the air under the influence of sunlight.

The risk of getting measles in an enclosed space when contacting a sick person is much higher.

A sick person can infect others with a simple conversation or cough 2-3 days before the onset of the rash and until the end of the acute period of the disease. The length of the incubation period is 1-2 weeks.

The most dangerous is measles in the first trimester of pregnancy, because the virus is transmitted to the child. This can lead to complications such as developmental problems, in particular, the nervous system may suffer.

Determine the degree of brain damage to the baby before childbirth is impossible.

If the future mother had had measles at the very beginning of pregnancy, the issue of preserving the child is solved individually, taking into account all the nuances of the case.

Measles brought on late pregnancy can lead to the birth of a baby with a congenital measles infection, which can now be cured. However, there is a risk that the newborn will not suffer it.

Determine if the baby is sick before the birth, it is almost impossible. It should be noted that the risk of developing various vices in children, if the mother is ill with measles, is much lower than with rubella.

Sometimes measles can cause miscarriage, premature birth, and very rarely the death of a child.

But modern drugs and methods of treatment have helped to significantly reduce the mortality of newborns from different variants of measles infection.

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