Main features of the child’s development

In the first 10 months of the baby, the baby becomes a small person. Moves independently on foot, on foot. He tries to eat with a spoon, enjoys games, joking fuss. Demonstrates his own opinion, habits, highlights his favorite toys. Harmonious development of the child in 10 months implies a set of motor reactions, certain intellectual, emotional personality traits. What is important for parents to know?

The baby will develop normally along with other children if stimulated by motor activity. Free space for moving games. Learn to crawl. Interest awakens balls, wheelchairs, moving toys.

Motor activity strengthens muscles, develops intelligence. To make some movement, you need to think it over.

Kids love music, they willingly “dance”, holding on to the railing of the crib. Dance movements develop a common motility, coordination. Learn together musical instruments: a drum, a pipe, a bell. Spend charging for fun tunes.

Safety measures: The baby starts to crawl actively, to be interested in the contents of boxes, bedside tables. Teach him to go down from the couch, lowering his legs, and not as necessary. Calmly, but persistently explain the child about forbidden acts. Lock the doors of cabinets, refrigerator, sockets. Take the dangerous things away. Remembering love to taste everything, choose quality materials, periodically wash toys with soap.

It’s time to accustom crumbs to the pot. First, show, explain why it is needed. Sit down a teddy bear, let the baby sit down, without removing the panties. The procedure of getting used to it is different, but you can not force you to abuse the baby. Consider the regime: suggest a pot next to the food intake. The main thing is to show patience, to carry on with the game.

Developing games cause interest in crumbs. Kids love to open and close the caps of capsules, screw plugs, sort out small details, mess with the sorter.

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