Low hemoglobin during pregnancy

Reduction of hemoglobin is one of the most common problems in pregnancy. The phenomenon is called anemia and is characterized by a decrease in the concentration in the blood of red blood cells.

The majority of women at the same time begin to fear for the health of the baby and want to quickly fix the situation.

Is this fear justified? Is anemia dangerous for a future mother and child? How can I raise low hemoglobin during pregnancy?

How does blood change during pregnancy?

With the onset of pregnancy, the future mother’s body begins to work with a double force, because it is necessary to provide baby nutrition and the full development of all systems.

The volume of the plasma increases, and the concentration of hemoglobin decreases due to the fact that the mother gives the child a lot of iron.

This process is considered legitimate and should not cause concern if the decrease in the first half of pregnancy is not lower than 110 g / liter.

The norm of hemoglobin in future mothers is 110-130 g / liter. In cases where this indicator is lower during pregnancy, iron deficiency anemia is diagnosed.

Anemia of the 1st degree for a pregnant woman and a child is not dangerous, but one must always pay attention to one’s diet and adjust the situation in natural ways;
It is easier to increase hemoglobin by adjusting the diet and including in the diet iron containing foods.

Note! Since the 28th week of pregnancy, there is a natural decrease in hemoglobin due to an increase in blood volume. The hemoglobin index can be 105 mg / l. If lowered below, then you need to adjust according to the principles described in the pregnancy books on the nutrition of pregnant women.

The problem of low hemoglobin during pregnancy is quite common. If you carefully treat yourself and the baby, eat right and maintain an optimistic mood, then you can effectively solve it.

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